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It has become apparent that in today’s era skin care is just as important as diet. Taking vitamins, eating lots of cruciferous vegetables and getting a good night’s rest is known to be the key for glowing skin. What we put into our body will of course come out in our skin right? But sometimes dealing with stubborn wrinkles or acne is something vegetables might not be able to fix. Knowing what your body contends with is vital, but what’s even more important is understanding what your skin loves. And by love we mean what your skin will soak up when it needs it most. A gentle cleanser and moisturizer are your go to products, but this is where the magic of natural honey can help.

Manuka Honey

When we are sick, we take a teaspoon of high UMF Manuka Honey with our lemon and ginger drink. The killing off of bacteria is what honey has been known to accomplish, so why wouldn’t we consider applying Manuka Honey topically?

Manuka Honey has been known to have antibacterial and antiseptic properties, therefore killing

off stubborn bacteria on your skin and cleaning unwanted dirt that might still be lingering after a gentle cleanse of your favourite cleanser. Due to the properties we have mentioned above, Manuka Honey can also be naturally soothing and has traditionally been used to treat scars and damaged skin. The sugar crystals that form in honey can act as a gentle exfoliator, allowing the dead skin cells to scrub away and leave you with a resilient and glowing complexion.

We could go on about the amount of benefits a high UMF Manuka Honey could do for you so please feel free to check out the links below. But please remember, if you are struggling with eczema or the consequences due to artificial creams that have chemical ingredients you don’t understand, turn to anything natural and your skin will thank you for it. Written by Jenna Fletcher on April 3, 2020 Written by Josie Santi on OCTOBER 31, 2020, Written by CELIA SHATZMAN AND ARYELLE SICLAIT MAY 23, 2019,

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