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Manuka Multifloral Honey



True Kiwi Manuka Honey sourced from New Zealand's Wild Manuka Forests. This remote natural organic habitat is foraged by our beekeeper's healthy bees. Our 100 % Pure Honey has been Independently Tested in Certified Laboratories Verifying Purity and Compliance with National MPI Standards. Sustainably harvested and packed while minimising our carbon footprint. Family owned with Family values.  From Kiwi Hives To Your Home – From Our family to Your Family

Weight N/A

1. 83+ 250g
2. 83+ 500g
3. 263+ 250g
4. 263+ 500g


Manuka Multifloral Honey, MGO263 + 250g, Manuka Multifloral Honey, MGO263 + 500g, Manuka Multifloral Honey, MGO83 + 250g, Manuka Multifloral Honey, MGO83 + 500g

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