Frequently Asked Questions

How does a customer know that the Manuka Honey they purchase is true to label ?

We submit tests to certified independent laboratories in New Zealand. We test each batch to ensure our honey is true to label

Can I see the Certification of the honey ?

Yes, Certification relating to the honey can be provided.

Do you send True Kiwi Products overseas?

Yes in conjunction with our sister brand Kiwi Royal.

What is Zealex?

Zealex Ltd is the family owned company that owns and looks after the True Kiwi and Kiwi Royal brands. Both brands supply high quality natural honey and bee related products.

Can I have a product made in my own brand?

Yes you can, we offer contract services. For more information please contact us 

What does MGO mean?

Please click this link to find out more about MGO

What is MGO?