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Spring has quickly rolled around the corner and it’s time to start nurturing our bees. Our bees have had their hibernation period and it’s up to Oliver to make sure our girls are fed and healthy. Everything accomplished in Spring is to make sure our girls are ready for summer. When you see the sun rays hit the trees in the early morning, the bee’s are on their way to find nectar; bee’s enjoy the warmth just as much as we do. Did you know, inside a beehive during the summer, temperatures can reach up to 38°C, if not higher! That’s why it’s important to not open the hives for too long when it’s 15-20°C day. The bee’s like it hot, and just like many other beekeepers, we hope the summer of 2021-2022 is going to be a beauty. On today’s agenda, we are going to follow Oliver. Who at the moment, is getting his ute ready to go. Making sure he’s got enough sugar to feed his girls, checking he has enough supplies to create fire for the smoker, and lastly getting together boxes so he can create splits. What’s a split? A split is exactly what it says, a hive that has been split into two to create another colony. From our Hives, to your home.